VE Healthcare Group

VE Healthcare Group was established in 1994. The group has a significant presence across the globe with a special focus on developing countries. VE Healthcare’s business may be categorized into three segments. These include, VE Pharma marketing and distribution business, Vexxa Lifesciences branded products business and VE Investment business, which invests in healthcare related companies.

The VE Pharma marketing and distribution business markets, sells and distributes various branded prescription pharmaceutical products, nutraceuticals, OTC products and medical devices. VE Pharma operates in six countries, namely, Vietnam, Philippines, Cambodia, Laos, Sri Lanka and Thailand. The clients for this business segment include leading international pharmaceutical and nutraceutical companies.


The Vexxa Lifesciences branded products business engages in the development, out license manufacturing, marketing and sales of its own brand of market leading prescription pharmaceutical products, nutraceuticals and OTC products which are mostly sold in developing countries. Vexxa is currently present in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Sri Lanka, Myanmar and the Philippines with a growing reach across the globe.

The VE Investment business invests in healthcare related companies ranging from clinics, hospitals, products, services, technology and innovative solutions.

With over 500 employees there is a pool of experienced and outstanding capabilities that provides VE Healthcare with the leverage to execute effective strategies. With the head office in Bangkok, Thailand, VE Healthcare has established and secured relationships across the globe, forging extensive intrinsic channels and networks within healthcare institutions, clinics, retail pharmacies and medical doctors. With over two decades of infrastructure in place, VE Healthcare Group has studied how to identify opportunities and access these International markets that require a strategic touch to create long standing business relations

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